This site is being built to help animal causes across Ontario. Actually more of a dog person, I have helped Cats Anonymous for almost two decades because I became aware of the horrendous conditions stray cats face.  For those interested, my present dogs can be seen here.  Now that I have moved to the Grey Bruce area, I will be helping Georgian Triangle Humane.

Two of my greatest passions in life are art and the fair treatment of animals. Now retired, in the past I have founded and  directed an animal charity , and tried my hand at writing, photography, pottery, painting, sculpture, woodworking and other forms of creative activity. Samples of my efforts will be found on this site in the store under My Art,  along with  better works by better artists. I used to make molds of originals for some of Canada’s better sculptors, and do have a few molds on hand from those days of works they made for me as fund raisers. You will find those as limited editions under sculpture. in the near future…..

I have always admired those that can draw and paint,  and have a fairly extensive collection of oils, watercolours, limited editions, etc. I will be selling them here, with all profits going to animal causes. To be honest, operating a charity is a tremendous pain in the butt, meeting government requirements, etc. So, this will just be me selling art at excellent prices and giving profits to animal causes.I will set up locations for examples of the art to be displayed and these sites will also be drop off points for items sold. Shipping art carefully is extremely expensive, so instead I will deliver the works myself to these locations once a week.

I will also be exploring the possibilities of working with companies that provide meat from animals that have been treated humanely. I see nothing wrong with eating meat, but strongly object to the way big business has made the processing of meat products incredibly inhumane. ( the name of the charity I started was Sadpig ….. for reasons that will be obvious to anyone familiar with the way pigs are treated )

This site is just me. I am getting old and very slow when it comes to computers. The fires still burn to make a difference  in the way the world treats animals, but things take me a LOT longer! Please bear with me…..