My Frames, My Art.

I make my own frames for the art I produce myself, and for some of the oils that I have on hand from others if the frame they were in was in poor condition.

You will note I do not use mitred corners and the frames are plain in comparison to a lot that are now available on the market. There are reasons for this.
Mitred corners are notoriously weak ; glue does not hold well on these joints. So, I use two hidden screws at each corner, using what is called a Kreg pocket screw devise. MUCH stronger. Some frames on the market today are truly shameful. There are a large number of inexpensive frames that look great, with perfectly mitred corners and wonderful grain. Don’t be fooled. As you can see here, these are actually made with a foam core. No wood at all! Talk about planned obsolescence… these frames are made to fall apart. I took one apart ( it wasn’t hard…practically fell apart by itself) to demonstrate, and it can be seen here

I enjoy creating art in various forms. On this site you will find photographs I have taken ( a passion of mine for 50 years) books I have written, segmented lathe turnings I made and if I get time, sculptures I will upload later. But. predominantly, you will find limited edition acrylics on canvas that I produce of my art in editions of ten, and copies of the same works on paper in higher edition sizes for a lot less money. Quality Giclée in acrylic on canvas are not cheap to reproduce..

From the time of Michelangelo, artists have been using aids such as camera Lucidas and similar aids to produce realistic works of art. To start, they projected images onto the canvas using such a ‘camera’ as a guide. Then, with the advent of modern photography artists painted from photographic images projected onto the canvas These days, we can use computers. In most cases I start with a photographic image chosen from a stock of thousands of images accumulated over decades. I get a great deal of pleasure from making them. I hope some of you will find them of interest.