Below are the 6 most important points: 

  1. We provide terms that we feel are written in easily understood language. But. In all cases, the best course of action: if you are not sure, contact me. 
  2.  Any purchase may be returned within a week from purchase provided that it is in exactly the condition it was when shipped to you ( I maintain detailed information on all items for that period) .
  3. We charge a 10% restocking fee on returns. This restocking fee will be donated in full to Georgian Triangle Humane Society. 
  4. Items can be picked up at the pick up locations listed at no charge. Should you wish delivery to your home or business instead , we have an account with UPS that provides excellent rates. If you wish us to ship, please contact me for cost.
  5. Payment is by Paypal. Not sure… contact me. With Paypal you can use a credit card to pay, even if you do not have an account with Paypal. As noted below, there is no HST to pay at this time. 
  6. All profits from sales on this site go to The Georgian Triangle Humane Society or in some cases, Cats Anonymous. Let me know if you have a preference who received profit from your purchase.
    Having been a gemologist for decades, I am also building another site for better gems and gold jewelry.

At present, as this is a new concept, sales are below the threshold for collecting HST.  So,  at this time, no HST will be charged. This will change in the future. … he/she who hesitates will have to pay 13% more! 🙂

Best offer option is mainly for those buying more than one item. 

Due to limitations of this site, the photographs are not always adequate. If you need a clearer photo, contact me and I will send you one.

 I have listed items in various price categories at bottom of shop page.  However, please note I do not list the  Books I sell in these fields as all of these items are below $50 and would just clutter up the Under $50 category. Please go directly to the Category Books for these items. Books are a great thing to add to an order. Check them out. 

Prices are based on what I had to pay… not what the item is worth. In many cases, value is considerably more than the price I list it here for. Indeed, many similar items are listed on eBay for much more. If people  wish to buy and resell, I have no problem with that

I have tried to categorize each art item for ease of using search option… but it is sometimes difficult. I have used such categories as: Horses, Indigenous, Landscapes, Modern, People, Wildlife, Dogs, Cats, Trains, Sport, etc. and added these words to the headings. For those with specific interests, I hope it helps ( but, kinda hoping you will take the time to view everything! 🙂
Lot of cool stuff to look at!

If a work is not already framed, it can take me  one to two weeks to frame if I am building a floating frame. The process is fairly labour intensive as I build them by hand from solid wood, sand everything by hand to ensure no marks from mechanical sanders, apply numerous coats of hard wax and hand rub between each coat. Oils require an ‘inner’ frame ( the stretcher) and an outer frame . ( In the case of a floating frame they also require another form of frame to hold everything together! My floating frames are built to last , unlike some  frames being sold today.  I will need to know from you the type of wood for the floating frame…. most frames are made of solid oak which I have a large stock of. Other woods such as cherry, walnut, etc. are available at a little extra cost.